Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Traveling- Where the Passion Began

In the Beginning....

There is something glorious in the way the roads wind before you on a stretch of land fresh to your exploring eyes. For as long as I can remember this sight thrilled me and made the heat of summer bearable. From my birth on I have been a wanderer, always seeing new things with my family. I am the only child of two wonderful parents, I'll call them Mom and Dad. They loved me so much that they packed all of my baby gear and took me all the way to Michigan for my very first trip; I was only a few months old.

Life in my early years made traveling easier. Due to my young age school never conflicted with my parents plans to take me to a slew of fantastic places around the country. I don't recall many "non-camping" vacations throughout my life; looking back I'm grateful for the simple pleasures of nature my parents taught me to enjoy. Our campers became a fortress for my wild imagination, I made tents in the bunks and let my mind roam to the beauty outside of the aluminum walls. My parents even nicknamed me Hamhead because of the way I stuck my head against the safety net on my bunk.
A young Sarah, net-pressed face in the camper before bed
Our summer vacations were always filled with a two-three week trip to some natural wonder, often times National or State Parks. Little did I know that I would at one point in my life aspire to wear the Stetson hat to work everyday. Whenever I meet new people they are shocked to find out that I have been to all fifty states at my young age. I decided to write this blog about all of my experiences with a lifetime's worth of vacations under my belt; the sights, smells, and tastes that have changed my life forever. The knowledge that the road provided me and my parents may help you reader, on your next quest to the west or the Land of the Midnight Sun

"The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page."                                -Augustine of Hippo

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